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» Design and Consulting on Intelligent Campus Network  Infrastructure

IT Service Management
» IT Service Management for third party BPO
» Deployment and Operations Management for IP Telephony, NOC and IT Infrastructure Management

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» Remote Security Management
» Enterprise Monitoring and Management

Managing ebusiness Computing Infrastructure
Before the Internet took center stage, the IT environment comprised PCs, servers, and mainframes, all linked by simple networks supporting common applications. Enter an enterprise today, and this environment can sometimes look like a technology showroom, with a multitude of wireless portable devices, various application services, and next-generation services. These devices are layered on top of an already heavily equipped workplace. Factor in the demands that both employees and customers place on these systems, and suddenly the process of making an investment decision about how to support this environment becomes rather daunting. Read More

Establishing Dedicated Network Operations Center [DNOC]
Businesses rely more and more on their communication and networks to run business critical applications. This increased importance brings up a simple point: The Network needs to be efficiently operated and consistently available. At the heart of Communications and Network Infrastructure is Network Operations Center (NOC) that provides systems, software and procedures for Communications and Network Management.Read More

Application Management Paradigm for a Changing Technology Landscape - Addressing the Cloud
The technology landscapes of today's enterprise bear hardly any semblance to that just a few years back. Massive strides of advancement in storage and high performance computing along with the nascent cloud computing platform have been game-changers for today's CIO. Read More