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IT Service Management (ITSM)
InKnowTech is a congregation of some of the best pioneers in IT Infrastructure management. We have resources and expertise to manage every level of complexity and criticality.

Our IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions are based on ITSM best practices, as documented in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). ITSM best practices provide for a systematic approach to the planning, development, delivery and support of IT services that enables IT decision-makers to:
  • Enhance service levels
  • Align IT goals with those of the business units they support
  • Spend IT dollars for the right business reason
  • Make "excellence in service" part of their culture
  • Improve the quality and reliability of IT services
Our Service Coverage includes

           » 24/7 Helpdesk Management
           » End User Computing Management
           » Network Management
           » Server Management
           » Network Operation Centre (NOC) Management
           » Security Management
           » Systems and Desktop Management

24/7 Helpdesk Management

InKnowTech provides Unified, Intelligent & Integrated remote or on-premises help desk support with Fast, Secure & Affordable solutions. These solutions and services are customizable IT helpdesk, ticketing & automated IT Management Systems to monitor your internet connection, IT assets, mobile devices, server utilization and Desktop with 24/7/365 days support.

Our 24/7 Technical Support and Help Desk service covers:

  • Multi-Level technical support for products, software and services
  • Simulation, Configuration and Administration services for products, software and services
  • Standards based web enabled help desk with trained and certified professionals
  • Multiple access methods for customers through - Telephone, Email, Web and Chat

Solution Highlight
Standards Based: ITIL Standards based help desk to deliver high quality experience for every interaction

Cost and Quality Advantages: Using a right mix of strong technical expertise and location advantage, InKnowTech has a capability to reduce your costs considerably while maintaining a high quality

We offer cost-effective technical support through:

  • Unique Onsite, Offsite, Offshore combination delivery model
  • Continuous Process and Quality improvements.
  • Adoption of Best Practices, Standards and Tools
  • Advantage of Scale and Demand aggregation

InKnowTech provides solutions and services in Helpdesk Management for leading IT, BPO and Telecom companies; handles over 35000+ tickets per month with on-premises and remote support. Some of the services rendered to its customers are:

Desktop/Laptop support

  • Install/configure PC peripherals such as printers, scanners, fax available on network
  • Setup or troubleshoot external / internal devices such as storage, backup media and more
  • Fix any issues related to the Internet, Intranet etc.
  • Formatting and Partitioning of the hard drive.
  • Install & configure Adapters/NIC’s
  • Install & configure external hardware (USB Devices & Printer)
  • Install internal Hardware (RAM/Hard Disk etc)
  • BIOS Setup (How to)
  • Power management - Laptops (How to)

Operating System Support

  • Troubleshoot or fix any error message or codes via remote or phone support
  • Configure & personalize end-user machines (desktop, portable)
  • Remote support to install/remove software/application, as per the defined company policies
  • Install and Setup browsers (IE, Netscape, Firefox, Opera, etc.)
  • Installing windows updates and service packs
  • Installing Operating System (Windows flavors)
  • Defragmentation (How to)
  • Setting up Profiles

Application Software Support

  • E-mail client such as lotus notes, Outlook and more.
  • Connectivity issues related to the company’s internal & external communication devices and software.
  • Complete usage help with MS Office, Lotus Notes and other desktop enhancement applications.
  • Day-to-day usage for spreadsheets, word processors etc.
  • Spyware, Adware and Malware protection
  • Security software & Firewalls
  • Parental Control (URL Filtering)
  • 3rd party applications (How to)

LAN / Connectivity Support

  • Install / repair connectivity related problems (including Wi-Fi).
  • Complete support for Internet, Intranet.
  • Setting up wireless security
  • File and printer sharing
  • Domain log in queries
  • Active directory user account management
  • User rights management
  • Creation, modification & deletion of IDs
  • Password reset query
  • Setup and configure workgroups

End User Computing Management
InKnowTech has Best-in-Class End User Computing Services that creates Business Value for our customers, a great personalized service experience for end users and build a work culture of innovation & collaboration to harness the potential of our employees and partners. We work with our customers to provide:

  • Predictable services - anytime, anywhere, any device
  • New industry benchmarks aligned to business outcome
  • Innovation that helps in adopting new technologies for improved end user productivity, thereby creating competitive differentiation for our customers.
  • We offer full lifecycle services in Discrete and Full service sourcing model in a truly managed services delivery model.

EUC Service Portfolio

Client Application Management services - Deliver Application Packaging, Imaging, Software Distribution and Patch Management services in a centralized factory construct.

Messaging & Collaboration Services – Build, operate and provide professional services on email and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes.

Asset Management – Provide a complete Asset Management Lifecycle service right from ordering to ongoing management and tracking of client assets.

Client Support Services –. Provide onsite support for Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Handheld devices at client locations spread globally. Global Network of Client support specialists supporting approximately 3 million client devices distributed globally.

Infrastructure Application: Build and Manage Infrastructure Applications in customer environments. These services include Directory services, File and Print services and Remote Access Management.


Network Management
InKnowTech offers consulting, solution design, implementation for Network Management. We follow the ISO Network Management model which contains the following concepts.

  • Performance Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Fault Management
  • Security Management

Performance Management
The main objective of performance management is to calculate the performance level of network and make it available and this level could be maintained at acceptable level. Some examples of performance variables consist of network throughput and user response time and line utilization.

There are three major steps which involve in performance management. First, data is collected for variables which are according to interest of network administrators. Secondly, data is analyzed to find out normal levels and finally 3rd step is to find out suitable for each important variable because increase in thresholds may cause network problem. Network Management entities are used to monitor network performance variables on regular basis. Whenever performance of specific threshold is increased entity will generate an alert signal to network management system.

Every step mentioned above is part of the procedure to make a reactive system. Performance may be unacceptable due to increase in user defined threshold and system may react by sending messages. Performance management may allow some proactive procedures like network simulation which could be used in projects. These simulations are used to alert administrators to be ready for impending problems and take necessary measures.

Configuration Management
Configuration Management objective to examine Network and system configurations database so that effects on network operation for different versions of IOS applications could be managed.

Every Networking device contains number of versions information which is associated to it like.

  • Internetwork Operating System, Version 12.4
  • Ethernet Interface, Version 5.3
  • TCP/IP software, Version 2.0
  • Netware Software, Version 4.2
  • NFS software, Version 5.1
  • Serial Communications controller, Version 1.1
  • X.25 software, Version 1.0
  • SNMP software, Version 3.2

This information is stored in database for easy access without any problems and when problem occurs database could be searched to take help about specific problem.

Fault Management
The objective of fault management is to find out, log and notify users on network and automatically fix problems to keep the network in working position. Network faults could cause downtime3e and unacceptable network degradation and implementation of fault management is significant. Fault management may contain formative symptoms and separating problems. Problems are fixed and solution is tested and finally problems are detected.

Security Management
Security Management objective is to manage network resources with respect to local guide and sensitive information could not be accessed without proper authentication. Security management subsystem can however examine users to logon on network resources and refuse access to those enter necessary access codes.Subsystems of security management are working by partitioning network resources towards authorized and unauthorized areas. Some users have an inappropriate access to network because they are company outsiders. While internal network user’s access information which is generated from specific department.

Server Management

INKNOWTECH Server Management Services provides:

  • Reliable – delivering a high level of server uptime with the goal of zero outages
  • Secure – counting on it to keep your data safe
  • Flexible – adding new services quickly, as needed
  • Global – providing the scale and capabilities you need
  • Efficient – supporting best practices in processes, operations, management and facilities
  • Cost efficient – improving your ROI


  • Multiplatform support—INKNOWTECH managed service solutions are designed for Microsoft Windows, Linux, HP-UX, and other UNIX platforms.
  • Flexibility—Respond faster to the market with prepackaged services and meet diverse business needs with a range of optional services.
  • Comprehensive safeguards—Protect your data and applications 24/7.
  • Improved availability—Achieve high levels of server uptime in standard and high-availability server environments.

Get more from your IT assets
Keeping a complex server environment up and running is essential—but not always easy. IT departments are busy responding to security threats and addressing a raft of information management regulations—from Sarbanes-Oxley to HIPAA and more. Frequent breakdowns and downtime can hurt business performance, including key sales, marketing, and product development efforts. Plus, data centre technology is often costly to support. With server utilization averaging less than 20%, companies often don’t get good value from their IT assets.

Gain security and scalability
InKnowTech gives clients increased levels of server availability, improved data protection, and regulatory compliance. As a result, you can maximize IT returns and focus on strategic priorities. INKNOWTECH supports traditional server environments, as well as virtual server environments that adapt quickly to business change. Our industry-leading approach to service management integrates innovative, best-in-class technologies, giving you a highly scalable and secure infrastructure and providing a strong foundation for business growth.

Increase productivity and uptime

  • InKnowTech manages Windows, Linux, HP-UX, and other UNIX platforms.
  • Maximize your current IT investments by reusing current technologies.
  • Leverage middleware applications and database management support services, as well as a variety of other services.
  • Rely on INKNOWTECH to run your existing systems using standardized services, automated support, and server virtualization.
  • INKNOWTECH support teams respond quickly to solve any problems—minimizing the possibility of disruptive downtime.

Improve your IT total cost of ownership

  • Reduce data centre TCO by 15% to 20% with efficient, global resources and facilities
  • Realize significant savings by fully optimizing, standardizing, automating, and virtualizing your data centers across the enterprise
  • Maximize your return on IT investment with a highly automated, virtualized environment
  • Enable compliance with government and industry regulations on information management
  • Enjoy comprehensive security safeguards for protecting your corporate and customer data

Rely on expertise and best practices

  • INKNOWTECH draws on the collective resources of strategic partners to bring best-in-class solutions to our clients.
  • A holistic, integration approach addresses infrastructure and applications, as well as industry specific needs and business processes.
  • INKNOWTECH uses ITIL and ITSM best practices to drive standardization, automation, and provide you with cost-effective services and zero outages.

Robust service packages

  • Server Virtualization–Optimizes compute performance and resource utilization by transforming physical resources to logical resources; enables rapid deployment, dynamic reallocation of resources across systems, and higher utilization of your existing assets
  • Middleware Management Services–Provide middleware application monitoring and management for standard and nonstandard products at the lowest cost
  • Database Management Services–Provide monitoring and management for standard and nonstandard database management systems at the lowest cost.

Network Operation Centre (NOC) Management
Network Operation Cente is a packaged, automated, IT Infrastructure management service from InKnowTech for managing end-to-end IT infrastructure. Our NOC provides automation for IT Monitoring, IT Helpdesk, IT desktop/server inventory and IP traffic analysis.

Summary of our NOC features include

  • Full featured, web based helpdesk for resolving IT and non-IT issues
  • Provides automation for ITIL® Service Support Processes
  • Integrated support for Incident, Problem, Change, Configuration management
  • Service Level Management for support processes
  • Generates notifications, escalations, reminders
  • Includes powerful & flexible Routing Engine
  • Includes out of the box reports, dashboards, analytics
  • Provides role based access control for secure data access
  • Includes full featured Knowledge Base
  • Supports multiple tenancy support for Service Providers
  • Highly scalable with high performance and support multiple users across many teams and locations

Security Management
Business with us always ensures high data security and integrity for our customer. Our organization strictly adheres to ISMS policies and implementing the controls over our infrastructure thru ISO. Our Security management solution is based on these set of services forming our Security Suite.

Vulnerability Management - comprises of Identifying Vulnerabilities inside your Infrastructure, Patching those vulnerabilities and mitigating them for future course.

Firewall management involves Secreting logs out of your existing firewalls and analyzing those logs to identify anomalies. Also, rules configurations and updates as well as patches for the Firewalls comprise this exercise.

Network Monitoring- involves agent based establishment across your infra where our sensors are set up at various indentified entry points inside your infra and they gather necessary traffic data to manage and monitor your network by rules configuration and pattern detection.

Email Security- involves setting up our proprietary email solutions for Spam filtering and IP identification

Intrusion Management and Analysis- comprises of monitoring the traffic flowing inside your network and identifying and preventing or blocking malicious data packets as per our updated knowledge base inside the Intrusion Management System setup

Antivirus Management- involves managing and monitoring as well as rules configuring the existing AV solutions.

All our services are governed by our SLAs to maintain the integrity of our services.

Vulnerability Management :

  • Security Audit
    • Regular and On-demand VA
    • Application audit
    • Network audit
    • Network Architecture audit
    • Network devices audit – Routers, Switches
    • Security devices audit – Firewalls, IDS, IPS
    • Server Audit
    • Linux and Windows based Web, Mail, Database, FTP, NFS, Authentication servers
  • Audit Reports & Recommendations
  • Finalize Patch Management Plan
    • Present Audit reports and recommendations
    • Categorize into critical, medium and low
    • Finalize Patch Management plan with Client
    • Prioritize patches based on
    • Vulnerability Criticality
    • Client’s business requirement
    • Ensure patches do not have side affects
    • Deploy patches in test environment
    • Roll out patches in live environment
  • Deployment of patches in test environment
  • Rollout of patches in live environment

Firewall Management and Analysis

  • Set-up and configuration (for new Firewall)
  • Management, Log analysis and reporting
    • Real-time threat monitoring
    • Threat detection
    • Creation of policies for threat prevention
    • Periodic revision of policies
    • Regular management summary reports
    • Routine configuration and management
  • Maintaining uptime as per SLA

Network Monitoring

  • Bandwidth and Traffic analysis
    • Top 10 websites visited, Top 10 bandwidth users …
  • Monitoring of Servers, Devices, Applications
    • Server, device, application availability
    • Real-time alerts (email, SMS)
    • Host based Intrusion Detection System
    • CPU, Memory utilization reports
    • Log collection, analysis and reporting of servers, devices and applications
    • Daily management reports

Email Security

  • Security Audit and Hardening
    • Email Server Hardening
    • Application Audit
    • Patch Management
  • Anti-Spam solution
  • Content Filtering
    • Text based
    • Signature based

Intrusion Management and Analysis

  • Set-up of Appin Radar IMS for Server VLAN, Data Center and other critical IT assets
    • Real-time threat monitoring
    • Threat detection
    • Creation of policies for threat prevention
    • Periodic revision of policies
    • Regular management summary reports
    • Routine configuration and management
    • Uptime as per SLA

Anti-Virus Management

  • Set-up, configuration and maintenance of Anti-Virus server
    • Ensure latest anti-virus updates
    • Automatic scans and patching


Systems and Desktop Management

InKnowTech approach to system and desktop management provides a range of services that improve desktop deployment efficiency by:

  • Maximising the return on investment in desktop software;
  • Minimising the effort and cost associated with the deployment of a standardised and secure desktop operating environment; and
  • Providing a manageable desktop operating environment that maximises end-user productivity and minimises support costs.

We understand and assess the business and financial impact of desktop fleet management in a distributed environment. As a result, our processes and tools are designed to reduce the associated service management costs. Our tailored services for system and desktop management can be implemented either individually or as a practical suite based on client requirements.

These services include:

  • An Environmental Assessment
  • An Operational Assessment
  • Desktop Deployment
  • Patch Management
  • Software Licence Asset Management
  • Desktop Management Service

Each element is planned and implemented in structured and phased approach using a formal project delivery methodology.