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Remote Management Services
We provide proactive and standards based Remote Management Communication and Network Management Service using unique model of Onsite, Offsite and Offshore monitoring. We have invested in latest fault detection, analysis and correlation tools to enable proactive and predictive management of both network and IT infrastructure. Using a right mix of strong technical expertise and knowledge of business process, we ensure successful delivery of services and solutions and meet the demanding requirements of our clients.

Remote Monitoring and Management
We monitor and manage on a 24/7 basis Communication Equipment, network switches, routers, servers, platforms and other SNMP-enabled device for proactive problem identification and comprehensive problem resolution, operational failures, administrative changes, faults, round-trip delays and useful statistics. Our service provides intelligent add-ons to deliver traffic analysis, alerts, real time over web, email and telephony. Periodic reports and reviews including advisory on trends and traffic are also part of the coverage.

Complete customized solutions are available for any environment. Our remote monitoring services include:

  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • Server Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring

Solution Highlights

Dedicated Customer Centric Unit:
We dedicate customer centric resources that adopt customer tools, processes and practices completely; similar to Offshore Development Center model followed in Software Outsourcing.

Standards Based Service Delivery:
Our services adhere to Industry's best practices and standards such as ITIL, ISO, etc.

India Cost and Quality Advantages:
Our Remote Management delivery from Intelligent Service Management Center (iSMC) in Bangalore gives a major cost benefit simultaneously leveraging on a talent pool dedicated to the practice of standards based management. Our ISMC's modular design provides for smooth and cost-effective scalability for any kind of requirements. The service enables our clients to benefit from the learning curve, productivity and process improvements that are natural to outsourcing to us whose core business is Remote Management.

We Offer

             » Proactive Monitoring and Support for
                     - Helpdesk
                     - Network
                     - Server
                     - Security
                     - Mail Management
                     - Systems and Desktop
                     - Data Centre Management
             » Incident Management
             » Problem Management
             » Change Management
             » Configuration Management

Proactive Monitoring and Support


Our 24/7 Technical Support and Help Desk service covers:

  • Multi-Level technical support for products, software and services
  • Simulation, Configuration and Administration services for products, software and services
  • Standards based web enabled help desk with trained and certified professionals
  • Multiple access methods for customers through - Telephone, Email, Web and Chat
Solution Highlight
Standards Based: ITIL Standards based help desk to deliver high quality experience for every interaction

Cost and Quality Advantages: Using a right mix of strong technical expertise and location advantage, InKnowTech has a capability to reduce your costs considerably while maintaining a high quality

We offer cost-effective technical support through:

  • Unique Onsite, Offsite, Offshore combination delivery model
  • Continuous Process and Quality improvements.
  • Adoption of Best Practices, Standards and Tools
  • Advantage of Scale and Demand aggregation

Incident Management

Incident Management procedure is to manage the damage from security incidents and malfunctions, and to monitor and learn from such incidents so as to:

  • Restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and to minimize the impact on business operations thereby ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained.
  • Provide a remedy\permanent fix as quickly as possible to avoid possible failures or potential failures in the IT infrastructure/services.
  • Ensure that service quality and availability meet required SLA’s.

Our capabilities

  • Flexible Routing based on type, category, classification of incidents
  • Routing by – Incident type/category/classification, Team, Role, Date/Time, Location, etc
  • Transfers, Allocations, Ownership, Lock, Hold, Reopen, etc supported
  • SLA support for Response & Resolution including escalations
  • Ability to relate Incidents with Problems, Changes, Configuration Items
  • Known Errors and Knowledge Base lookup available
  • Ability to link Minor Incidents with Major incidents
  • End User Closure and Rating support
  • Web and Email based call logging
  • Support for multiple teams
  • Strong Audit Log capabilities for Incident history
  • Notifications & Alerts available on Incident state change
  • Web based Reports, Analytics, Real time dashboards available
  • Role based Permission & Access control for data and actions
  • Bi-direction Incident Management integration with Tivoli Enterprise Console

Problem Management

Problem Management aims to resolve the root causes of incidents and thus to minimize the adverse impact of incidents and problems on business that are caused by errors within the IT infrastructure, and to prevent recurrence of incidents related to these errors.

  • Web-based problem logging
  • Support for Problem Control and Error Control phases
  • Supports routing, OLA and escalations
  • Support for Root Cause Analysis
  • Support for Problem Workarounds, Temporary fixes & Solutions
  • Ability to relate to Incidents, Change Requests, Configuration Items
  • Ability to link problems with Known Errors
  • Transfers, Allocations, Ownership, Lock, Hold, Reopen, etc supported
  • Support for multiple Problem Teams
  • Strong Audit Log capabilities for Problem history
  • Notifications & Alerts available on Problem status change
  • Web based Reports, Analytics, Real time dashboards available
  • Role based Permission & Access control for data and actions

Change Management Capabilities

Change management is an important process, because it can deliver vast benefits (by improving the system and thereby satisfying "customer needs"), but also enormous problems (by ruining the system and/or mixing up the change administration). Furthermore, at least for the Information Technology domain, more funds and work are put into system maintenance (which involves change management) than to the initial creation of a system. Typical investment by organizations during initial implementation of large ERP systems is 15 - 20% of overall budget.

  • Change Request Logging for End Users, Problem and Change Teams
  • Support for multiple Change Teams - Change Advisory Board (CAB), CAB/Emergency, Build, Test Implementation, Release and other teams
  • Support for Standard, Minor, Major and Emergency Change Management
  • Support for Change Approvals/Rejections & Authorizations
  • Support for Change Calendar, Notification and Reminders
  • Support for Risk Analysis & Post Implementation Reviews
  • Ability to relate Change Requests to Incidents, Problems, Configuration Items
  • Strong Audit Log capabilities for Change history
  • Notifications & Alerts available on Change status
  • Web based Reports, Analytics, Real time dashboards available
  • Role based Permission & Access control for data and action

Configuration Management
Configuration management (CM) is a field of management that focuses on establishing and maintaining consistency of a system's or product's performance and its functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life

  • Support for Flexible & Extensible Configuration Management Database
  • Stores relations between Assets, Users, Owners, Maintainers, Locations, Buildings, Departments, Projects, etc
  • Ability to relate Assets with Purchase Orders, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Warranties, Payments, Vendors, etc
  • Support for pre-defined Asset types like Desktops, Servers, Switches, Routers, Servers, Operating Systems, Applications, Firewalls, etc
  • Ability to keep track of changes to assets over a period of time
  • Ability to relate Assets/CIs to Incidents, Problems, Change Requests
  • Strong Audit Log capabilities for Asset history
  • Notifications & Alerts available on change of Asset status, movement, etc
  • Web based Reports, Analytics, Real time dashboards available
  • Role based Permission & Access control for data and actions